Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tito Batista makes False Police and False F.B.I. Reports

Tito Batista filed false Police and F.B.I. Reports to try to cover his tracks

Tito Batista Stalks Paul Firek Online

See Below Tito Batista Ip Address and Key Words In his search
Sounds like a death threat to me

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IP Address
ISP Optimum Online (Cablevision Systems)
IP Address: Country United States
IP Address: State NY
IP Address: City Port Jefferson Station
Time of Search 7:21 pm
Date of Search 6 July 2009
Search Engine Google
Keywords used death date vince kline

Recording Artist Paul Firek was falsely accused by his B.M.G. Music publisher Tito Danial Batista,"see contract posted below", of making threats when Firek called Batista asking why his music was still on the internet for sale after the contract had expired many years ago...

It seems Tito Batista who extorted in excess of $30,000 from Firek and his team in 2000 for the release of the album Battery Operated Orange is now sweating questions about the money paid to Tito Batista and his company Black Rose Productions out of Port Jefferson Station New York in checks and cash over $30,000 and Batistas inability to deliver what he had promised as a return for the artist investment.
Since Firek called Tito Bastista and asked about the money Tito had stolen tito Batista has posted several blogs slandering Firek and going as far as to make false police reports about the converstion he had with Firek a few weeks ago although the call was placed in front of a few others who were investers and had money stolen from them by Batista......For any to care to read the blog and see how transparent the false alligations are feel free to read as any intelligent person can see that Tito Batista by posting such slanderous and untrue stuff about Firek is really back stepping and must be quility of more than just being a hateful person....He must have something to hide as he has gone so far as to contact authorities and falsely accuse Firek of things that never happened....I guess when somebody steals $30,000 they must be a bit nervous.....Draw your own conclusions.